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Mindfulness is being aware of one’s moment to moment experiences. This awareness is non-judgemental, compassionate and curious. Mindfulness has formal and informal practices. Formal practices are different forms of meditation. In informal practices one incorporates mindfulness in their daily lives.


What is mindfulness?
  • What are the components of mindful presence?
  • Acceptance
  • Turning off the automatic pilot
  • Formal Practices (Meditation)
  • Informal Practices (Practices in daily life)
  • Reacting to Life → Responding to Life
  • Being Mode - Doing mode

  • Emotional First Aid

    Emotional first aid (EFA) is a skill set that helps people to support themselves and people around them when they encounter a difficult life experience. The core components of EFA are self-care, mindfulness and empathy. It also includes techniques and strategies to handle failure, anxiety, rejection and


  • Self-care
  • Empathy
  • Mindfulness
  • Responding to rejection
  • Responding to failure
  • Responding to anxiety
  • Responding to rumination
  • Responding to shame

  • Resilience

    Resilience can be seen as the immune system of the soul. It is one’s ability and or potential to come out of adversity stronger and brighter. Resilient people find creative and inspirational ways as they deal with life’s challenges. Resilience is innate in all people and there are ways in which people can discover, build and develop their resilience.


  • Inner refuge
  • Gratitude
  • Red zone - Green zone
  • Needs
  • HEAL practice
  • Mindfulness
  • Social support
  • Boundaries
  • Compassion

  • Time & Attention Management

    Time and attention management are skills one can learn and develop.


  • Setting priorities
  • Making lists
  • Eisenhower matrix
  • Pomodoro technique
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Mindfulness