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“Ruhuna Pansuman” (Bandage For Your Soul)

“Ruhuna Pansuman” (Bandage for Your Soul )” is my first and for now only book. In a sense it is like my child.
I wasn’t going through an emotionally difficult time while I wrote it. However, I had health issues and had to spend a lot of time at home being tired and in pain.
I spent this time by first creating the emotional first aid workshop and then by writing the book. I wanted this book to be a book that I would like to read and fill the pages.
My intention was to find the joy I had in writing the book as a reader or user of the book, too.
In the book I included concepts that have been helpful for me: self-care, empathy, mindfulness, art, self-compassion and hope.

As I wrote the book I created my own emotional first aid kit.

You can click here to buy the book.