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My Books

Sakura is a small tree. She wants the spring months to never end. Spring is her flowers blossoming with their lovely fragrance and the laughter of children constantly playing around her… Yet time passes and Sakura transforms. Just like everything else in the world…
Transience is one of the fundamental concepts of mindfulness. Times when we are sad or angry pass just like the times when we are happy. And when we know how our inner experience will transform, we accept difficult situations more easily.
With this book that also includes mindfulness and breathing exercises, children learn to better adapt to ever-changing conditions and to remain calmer as they await change.

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This book is an invitation for you. Many times a broken heart needs someone who loves it and cares for it. I have seen “somebody genuinely wishing that you feel better” is one of the most important components of healing. I hope my wish for you to feel better comes across as you spend time reading this book.

I wish you can hold your broken heart with love and compassion. I wish there are people who can hold your heart with love and compassion. I wish your broken heart heals. This book by Suzi Amado - a clinical psychologist and an expressive arts therapist will boost the immune system of our souls and heal our broken hearts. It includes mindfulness, resilience, and art therapy practices that one can apply to one self. It is a guide book that you will want to read over and over again as you heal.

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I don't know where you are in your life as you hold this book in your hands. If you're going through a hard experience, I hope the book helps you find the inspiration, support, and strength you need. If you're in a more relaxed and comfortable time in your life, it is a great time to design your own emotional first aid kit!

It's important to take good care of ourselves in difficult times. But don’t forget; it is important at all times, too! It is important to keep nourishing the soul as life is going on in its regular flow! If taking good care of yourself becomes a habit in your life, it will be easier to do that in difficult times.

This book was written for you to design your own emotional first aid kit.

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