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Dressing for Your Soul 


This book was written so that you can design your own emotional first aid kit!

I don't know what stage of your life you are in when you pick up this book. If you are going through a difficult time, I hope your book helps you find the inspiration, support and strength you need. If you're in a more relaxed phase of your life, it's a great time to design your own emotional first aid kit!

It is important to take care of ourselves in difficult times. But do not forget; It's important at other times too! It is important to nourish the soul even when everything is normal and life is flowing as usual. If taking care of yourself becomes a habit in your life, it will be easier for you to do this even in difficult times.

Holding a Broken Heart


This book is an invitation that I offer to you, filtered from what I have learned and experienced... Because most of the time, a broken heart needs someone who takes care of it and people who love it. Over all these years, I have found that sincerely wanting someone to do well is one of the most important elements of the healing process. I hope my sincere desire for you to feel better reaches you through these lines.
I hope you can hold your own broken heart with love and compassion. I wish there are people who can hold their broken hearts with love and compassion. I hope your broken heart heals.
A book from clinical psychologist and expressionist art therapist Suzi Amado that will strengthen our soul's immune system and heal our broken hearts... From mindfulness to pomodoro, from strengthening our empathy muscle to creating our own "serum of hope", from art therapy to choosing a therapist, reading again and again on the path to recovery A bedside guide you will want is Holding a Broken Heart.

Sakura Awaits Spring


Sakura is a tiny tree. Its flowers emit sweet scents, surrounded by childrenof your laughterHe wants the spring months that he never misses to end. However, time passes and Sakura transforms. Like everything in the world…

Temporality is one of the fundamental concepts of mindfulness. Just like the times when we were happy; The times when we are sad and angry also pass. And we accept negative situations more easily when we know that our inner experience will transform.

With this book, which also includes sample mindfulness exercises and breathing exercises, children learn to adapt to changing situations more easily and remain calm while waiting for change.

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