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When you accept “what is” as it is, “what is” finds the space to transform.

Therapy is a process of witnessing and support.

Who am I ?

Hi 🙂 I am Suzi. I am a clinical psychologist and an expressive arts therapist. Mostly I work with adults. My specialty areas are trauma, anxiety, depression, dealing with difficult life experiences, living with chronic illness and workingwith issues around creativity. I wrote a book: Ruhuna Pansuman (Bandage for your soul). The book is a personal growth book and involves emotional first aid techniques, expressive arts therapy techniques and mindfulness. My second book "Kırık Bir Kalbi Tutmak" (Holding A Broken Heart) is on how we can hold our and other people's broken hearts compassionately. It also includes resilience, mindfulness, creativity and art therapy practices that the readers can use for themselves. I wrote “Sakura Baharı Bekliyor” (Sakura is Waiting for Spring ) for children. It is a picture book. It is a book on mindfulness and friendship. It also includes a section of mindfulness practices parents and teachers can do with children. As a psychotherapist I use expressive arts therapy, guided imagery, sandplay, mindfulness and person-centered therapy. I believe in the value and healing power of human-to-human connection in therapy. I believe in the healing power of empathy, mindfulness and art. Owning our vulnerabilities and handling them with care and compassion contributes to healing. I give talks and run workshops in colleges, schools, companies and studio spaces. My talks and workshops are on emotional first aid, mindfulness, expressive arts therapy and time and attention management.

I graduated in 1999 from the German High School. After completing my BA in psychology in Koç University in 2003 I started my graduate studies in Middle East Technical University. I received my MSc in clinical psychology in 2005 from METU and returned to Istanbul. As I was working in different settings I becameaware that I wanted to be involved in the arts. In 2009 I went to California Institute of Integral Studies to obtain an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling with a Concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy. My involvement with art therapy and art brought me closer to who I am. In CIIS I had an opportunity to learn the theories and get experiences in the therapy approaches that were close to my heart and mind. In my time in San Francisco I learned how to use the arts in a therapeutic way, how to facilitate guided imagery and sandplay, how to be aperson-centered therapist and how to offer a therapeutic presence. After a few years of my CIIS experience I found out that a supervisor I respected a lot started a mindfulness teacher training. So mindfulness entered my life. I completed the mindfulness teacher training by Shamash Alidina and received my certificate. The training deepened my understanding and experience of mindfulness. It also gave me the opportunity to introduce mindfulness to people in workshops and in the therapy room. You can view my detailed academic and professional background here